Retired US Air Force Senior Executive joins UAT Advisory Board!

Aug. 14, 2020


Originally posted: Aug. 14, 2020
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UAT would like to welcome Valerie L. Muck to our Advisory Board! Her passion for technological innovation will help deliver change to reshape military operations. The ability to support today’s aircraft to increase their capabilities in terms of speed, range, and lift is what makes the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft efforts UAT's number one mission.


Valerie is a retired Air Force Senior Executive and the prior Director of the Air Force Small Business Programs, located in the Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia. Today she continues to support developing smaller companies that make up the lower tiers of the procurement system. Valerie is now joining our Advisory Board and will be key in advising UAT to deliver the most out of the new design and reconfigured supply chains that align industry incentives with the eVTOL’s core goals. One final factor in UAT’s success will be attracting commercial investment in dual-use technology.


Valerie has enjoyed a long and distinguished civilian and military career, and she continues to be actively involved in the military community. She believes in UAT’s commitment to serving not only the operational needs of the warfighter, but also to take an interest in their overall well-being and success.