“The best vision is insight.” - Malcolm Forbes

How It Started

The Inter-Connecting Clamp and United Aircraft Technologies came into fruition as a result of Daryian Rhysing's years of experience as an aircraft mechanic. Hours spent maintaining and fixing the wiring systems of aircraft by installing and replacing today's outdated clamps, caused him to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to the constant strain in his hand muscles.

The process of innovating the interconnecting clamp went through many re-designs after failing to meet certain criteria that Mr. Rhysing wanted to achieve. Thus, thanks to his education from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy New York, he was able to redefine his idea into an MVP that proved his design concept.

From The Founders

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” - Wayne Gretzky

We, as the founding team, came together around the story of the ICC's author, Daryian Rhysing, and his struggles as an aircraft electrician. As we continued our research, we saw how important our mission was not only for the workforce who work daily on assembling and disassembling the standard wiring clamps used today but also for the companies whose rising fuel costs impacts the economy and above all for the general populace and soldiers who use these aircrafts that remain in the air thanks to these wires. This is the passion the team lives with every day because we know it can be better; we know it can improve; we know we can help everyone involved in the process. Therefore, we have taken this mission to inform, educate, and innovate.

Short History

UAT continue to shape the way we work today.

  1. Rensselaer Emerging Ventures Ecosystem (REVEAL)


    Gained firsthand experience in working with challenges typically faced by start-ups.

  2. NSF Capital Region I-Corp Site & Node


    Developed research-based concepts and used interviews with potential customers to create the business model canvas in order to understand and validate the potential of launching our startup.

  3. Incorporated and Launched Our Website


    Our founding team came together and began working towards our mission as we spread awareness about the importance of ergonomics, fuel efficiency, and wire safety within the industry.

  4. Sikorsky Innovations Entrepreneurial Challenge Award


    Gained entry to an extensive network of technical experts, business mentors, strategic team members, potential customers and experienced investors.

  5. Berkshire County Startup Incubator Lever, Inc


    Became a finalist in their commercialization competition for life sciences, which has helped the team gather data and insight about the impact the innovation can have in the workforce.

  6. Winner of the Veterans in Economic Transition Conference (VETCON) Business Plan Competition


    Winners of their third VETCON business plan competition connecting UAT with a vast amount of veteran-owned businesses and services.

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Those helping us achieve our mission. Thank you for your support!