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Michael J. Wozny
Michael J. Wozny RPI - Department Head of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering

Served on the Boards of Directors of three companies. His research center at RPI is supported by 48 companies during its 16 year existence, including aircraft companies such as Boeing. Served as a Division Director at NSF and a Lab Director at NIST.

Pindaro Demertzoglou
Pindaro Demertzoglou RPI - Lecturer

Worked in the development of multiple transactional and DSS systems by using traditional client server and multi-tier architectures. Technology adoption in organizations on both stage and factor models in relation to commercial and open source databases.

Daniel Walczyk
Daniel Walczyk Professor & Center Director, CATS, Mechanical Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering

Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical , Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering and also Associate Director of Manufacturing for the Center of Automation Technologies and Systems (CATS). Worked for GE, as a mechanical design engineer. He is also a holder of five U.S. patents and two pending.

Brian Apkarian
Brian Apkarian Director of Business Development at the Center for Automation Technologies & Systems.

Director of Business Development at the Center for Automation Technologies & Systems.

Robert Braathe
Robert Braathe Adviser

Founder of Braathe Enterprises. Business trainer and leader of BEYourStart and Virtual Internship Program. Professor at Siena College, The College of St. Rose and several community and private colleges in courses that include entrepreneurship.

Zigurts Majumdar
Zigurts Majumdar Director of Development, Lighting Research Center at RPI

Worked at the National Institutes of Health and Booz Allen Hamilton and founded a firm called Zin-X that provided consulting services on spectral imaging technologies to the Department of Energy and others.

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