The Problem

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    Current metal clamps occupy unnecessary weight. Some new thermoplastic clamps still require the use of hardware which is comprised of screws/bolts, washers, spacers, nuts, etc...

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    Maintenance activities have a great concern with the reduction and management of operator workload. The human ability to process data cannot support the situation awareness effectively.

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    There is an increasing demand for safety along with the improved functionality of health monitoring systems.

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    Workers compensation expenses regarding Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) due to the amount of hand tools required to assembly and disassemble the clamps and the hardware associated to these fasteners.

Our Solution


    A lightweight interconnecting clamp that doesn't require the use of hardware making our clamp 60-65% lighter than existing counterparts.


    Our Augmented Reality Monitoring System improves functionality of scheduled maintenance by 30% leading high volumes of data through our onboard sensors for localizing wiring faults.


    Our clamp is made out of a noncorrosive nonconductive material that helps mitigate the risks of electrical shorts. Furthermore, since it doesn't use hardware, it helps prevent the risks of foreign object damage.


    Workers compensation expenses can decrease upto 27% thanks to our ergonomic design. Our lightweight clamp could prevent up to 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per aircraft in one year.

Our design capabilities


More Than Just a Clamp

UAT is reinventing the clamp and it's functions. Instead of making it out of metal, it is made of a lightweight composite material that helps increase aircraft's fuel efficiency by reducing it's weight. In addition, the Smart Inter-Connecting Clamp strives to be much more than just a mechanism for holding wires. The inside compartment holds a variety of sensors that constantly monitor the integrity of the wire bundles and transmit this data remotely to our diagnostics and prognostics software. This feature helps reduce the risks of problems related to the wiring system while increasing the speed of maintenance. Furthermore, thanks to it's patented functionality, it has multiple uses across markets. For example, the ICC also provides an Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality smart solution destined to save time during wiring predictive maintenance.


Our Ergonomic Design

Besides it's functionality, the Smart Inter-Connecting Clamp is ergonomically designed to facilitate installation and maintenance. Its design consists of two identical halves that when flipped interconnect with each other and secure a strong grip. This unique wiring clamp reduces the strain on the hand muscles minimizing the risks of repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.



Augmented Reality Monitoring System (ARMS) for Aircraft Wiring Maintenance

UAT is aware of the problems of information overload and is currently developing a user-centered design through an Augmented Reality Monitoring System (ARMS) for aircraft wiring integrity. The solution is presented in a system for monitoring and fault visualization in 3D through the use of Smart clamps equipped with sensors and algorithms. The system uses high volumes of data to create better computing models for predictions of wiring maintenance, fault identification, and repair through Augmented Reality and has a user-centric interface. ARMS is a smart solution destined to save time during wiring predictive maintenance and revolutionize training.


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