Air Force Contributing to UAT's Development

Nov. 21, 2019


Originally posted: Nov. 21, 2019
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Recently, the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (AFRL/RI), together with Griffiss Institute announced the winners from the AFRL Commercialization Academy Demo Day and IDEA NY. UAT is honored to have received their grand prize and is looking forward to begin commercialization of its technology in 2020. UAT has the ability to affect the Mohawk Valley’s startup ecosystem and high-tech economy by incorporating AFRL technology from Rome, NY into the go-to-market strategy. UAT was incubated by Liddy Enterprises, where a license to intellectual property from the Department of Defense and Information Directorate was executed.


The Air Force continually seeks for technology advances in national security emerging from university systems and R&D communities. UAT is excited to help bring the Air Force a competitive advantage to quickly identify, validate, and integrate those technologies. UAT will be collaborating with Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems.