National Aviation Day

Aug. 19, 2018


Originally posted: Aug. 19, 2018
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Sunday August 19th marks the 79th annual observation of National Aviation Day here in the United States. Established by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939. National Aviation Day commemorates the amazing achievements in aviation and the extraordinary pioneers that made them possible. Sharing his birthday with National Aviation Day, FDR chose August 19th because of this fact.


1902_Wright_Brothers'_Glider_Tests_-_GPN-2002-000125Orville Wright and his brother Wilbur are perhaps the best known American aviation pioneers. The Wright Brothers stamped their name on aviation history in Kitty Hawk North Carolina on December 17, 1903 when the “heavier-than-air-aircraft,” they invented and built, was successfully flown. This feat of flight was accomplished from level ground into freezing 27 mph winds, twice.



Throughout the years, amazing men and women from all over the world have contributed to make aviation an exciting industry to follow- from the “father of aviation”, George Cayley, who discovered the four aerodynamic forces of flight and designed and built his own biplane back in 1849 to “the lady of the air”, Amelia Earhart, who became the first female pilot to fly solo across two oceans.

Following in the footsteps of these great innovators and many others unmentioned, UAT is doing our part to advance aeronautics to the next level. We are proud to be a part of this grand heritage by continuing to push the limit of aviation technology into the future generations to come.