UAT is One of 25 Companies Selected as Semifinalists by NASA iTech, 2019 Cycle I Forum

May 26, 2019


Originally posted: May 26, 2019
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UAT is very excited to announce that considering how inventions could benefit future crewed missions to the Moon and Mars, NASA has selected us as one of 25 semifinalists for their 2019 Cycle I NASA iTech Forum. Semifinalists propose unique solutions for space and were selected from applicants around the world!


NASA iTech is an initiative within the agency’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD). The STMD is responsible for developing the crosscutting, pioneering, new technologies and capabilities needed by the agency to achieve its current and future missions. Working in collaboration with the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA), this collaborative effort identifies and fosters innovative solutions that aim to solve challenges on Earth and also have the potential to solve some of NASA’s challenges in space.



NASA iTech helps identify the innovations for the future. They connect innovators with investors who can help propel them forward, and industry leaders who can partner or invest in the technologies.


See announcement here.



About the Space Technology Mission Directorate: The STMD rapidly develops, demonstrates, and infuses revolutionary, high-payoff technologies through transparent, collaborative partnerships, expanding the boundaries of the aerospace enterprise. STMD employs a merit-based competition model with a portfolio approach, spanning a range of discipline areas and technology readiness levels. By investing in bold, broadly applicable, disruptive technology that industry cannot tackle today, STMD seeks to mature the technology required for NASA’s future missions in science and exploration while proving the capabilities and lowering the cost for other government agencies and commercial space activities.


Research and technology development takes place within NASA Centers, in academia and industry, and leverage partnerships with other government agencies and international partners. STMD engages and inspires thousands of technologists and innovators creating a community of our best and brightest working on the nation’s toughest challenges.



About the National Institute of Aerospace: The NIA is a non-profit research, graduate education, and outreach institute located in Hampton, VA. It was created in 2002 by NASA’s Langley Research Center (LaRC). NIA collaborates with NASA, other government agencies and laboratories, universities, and industry to conduct leading-edge research and technology development in space exploration, aeronautics, and science.