UAT Collaborates With Clarkson University

April 6, 2018


Originally posted: April 6, 2018
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United Aircraft Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce the commencement of a capstone project in collaboration with Clarkson University located in the Capital Region, NY. The project begun on April 5, 2018 and will continue for the rest of the spring semester. 


The company is glad to continue collaborating with students and universities of the capital region as we maintain the integration of local ideas into our company. The team is always looking for ways of furthering our social and community mission, which entails bringing in new ideas from our diverse and local population while providing them with the opportunity to gain experience and insight. Thus, UAT is honored to be part of the Business Capstone Project from Clarkson University.


Clarkson University is an excellent institution that thrives in creating inclusion among their diverse population of students. They focus on creating personal connections that help them grow or discover their future careers through a well thought out programs such as the Institute of STEM Education and the Early College Program. If you are interested in their institution, please check out their website for more information: click here