UAT Awarded Army Contract for Future of Vertical Lift

Aug. 24, 2021


Originally posted: Aug. 24, 2021
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For immediate release: August 2021 


United Aircraft Technologies, Inc. (“UAT”), an upcoming company in electrical and aerospace technology, announced their US Army award totaling $1.1M which is going to the development of their technology the Interconnecting Clamp (“ICC”) and the Smart Interconnecting Clamp (“SICC”) for Future of Vertical Lift, a Defense modernization program aiming to field new helicopter models.  


This award is significant for the company because Daryian Rhysing, Founder and CTO of UAT, was a US Army and US Navy aircraft electrician for 14 years before getting injured due to the metal clamps used today, which can be in the thousands in a single helicopter and in the tens of thousands in commercial aircraft. This event in his life and his experience in service where aircraft readiness was so crucial, fueled his passion to seek a better approach for electrical wiring management and maintenance. A solution that is seeking to replace the inefficient metal clamps of today that have led to or propagated electrical shorts and wiring chafing, with UAT’s smart clamp which can sense, monitor, and diagnose electrical wire systems using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Taking maintenance that takes weeks down to hours.  


“I’m grateful to be able to bring my technology to the US Military and help them continue to excel in aviation as well as reduce their overall operational costs. It originated from my experience in the military, so it feels like we have gone full-circle,” says Daryian Rhysing.  


“The opportunity this presents for a growing small business not only showcases how other small enterprises can successfully engage with the US military but also grow thanks to these programs and efforts.” Says Evaguel Rhysing, CEO and Founder of UAT.  


About United Aircraft Technologies, Inc.  


United Aircraft Technologies ( is an innovator of high-tech solutions for cable interconnect management.  UAT enables IoT-like monitoring of cable to interconnect systems while reducing both aircraft weight and maintenance costs. For more information, please contact Evaguel Rhysing, CEO, 


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