UAT Named an Awardee in Sikorsky Innovation’s 8th Entrepreneurial Challenge

April 18, 2018


Originally posted: April 18, 2018
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UAT doesn't believe in coincidences but in opportunities which is why the company decided to participate in the 8th Entrepreneurial Challenge hosted by Sikorsky Innovations. As a result, the company has been named as one of two awardees for the challenge.

The opportunity that this award brings is truly appreciated because it helps the company move forward towards their ultimate goal, to bring extra security and profit into the aviation industry. The team hopes that this collaboration will help finalize the research and development stage and push them towards executing their first pilots.

The brilliant mind of Igor Sikorsky brought into existence this extremely successful helicopter manufacturing company, which continues to excel in the rotorcraft industry. Now that technology is finally catching up with the many ideas set forth by Mr. Sikorsky, UAT is pleased to be part of these advances as contributors. Therefore, the team is honored to be part of their portfolio and continues looking forward to the new adventures this step will lead them to.

For more information about the results for Sikorsky Innovation’s 8th Entrepreneurial Challenge you can visit their press release here.