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RPI - Department Head of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
Daryian Rhysing

Michael J. Wozny

Dr. Michael Wozny has served on the Boards of Directors of three companies: Adage Corp. (Boston), Gerber Systems Technology (Conn), and a computer graphics software company in Austin Texas. Dr. Wozny also served on the Technical Advisory Committee of a start-up in Boston. His research center at RPI was originally established with a $1.2M grant under the NSF University-Industry Cooperative Research Center program. This RPI center, focused on interactive computer graphics and CAD, was ultimately supported by 48 companies during its 16 year existence, including a number of aircraft companies such as Boeing. On leaves from RPI, Dr. Wozny served as a Division Director at NSF and a Lab Director at NIST.

RPI - Lecturer
Daryian Rhysing

Pindaro Demertzoglou

Professor Demertzoglou’s professional experience includes the development of multiple transactional and DSS systems by using traditional client server and multi-tier architectures. He has both practical and academic experience in technology management. He is actively involved in the process of building industry relationships with commercial and non-profit organizations. Professor Demertzoglou’s principal research efforts have been in the area of technology adoption in organizations. His ongoing research is focused on both stage and factor models in relation to commercial and open source databases.